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Give your readers more than just text based affiliate links in copy with an easy to use widget that will offer your audience the lowest, new, product prices with minimal effort - and you keep 100% of the affiliate revenue

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Why choose Squirrel?

A history of success

Before Squirrel, we created leading tech news and reviews website Pocket-lint.com. From our 40+ years experience in the industry, we know exactly what publishers and editors want having gone through the process ourselves.

Our approach is about making everything as simple as possible.

Whether it is picking the products to monetise, embedding the Squirrel widget on your website, or reporting how it performs, we’ve got you covered.

Squirrel is quick and easy to install

Give your readers more than just links in copy with our easy to use Squirrel widget that will offer your audience the lowest product prices with minimal effort from you.

A no fuss approach

From understanding performance to getting started, we've got it covered. We take care of the product database, the widget creation, and everything in between.

Always the best prices

Squirrel checks for the best new prices throughout the day and automatically updates the Squirrel widgets so you know your readers are seeing the best new price whenever they visit.

Trustworthy merchants

Rather than list thousands of merchants, most of which aren't relevant to your audience, we only pick trustworthy recognisable brands that people are happy to shop with.

Comprehensive database

We constantly monitor and curate our product database to return the right products for the right Squirrel widget. That gives you more relevant results for your readers every time.

Dynamic retailers

Squirrel supports geo-targeting allowing us to seamlessly offer the best deals from the best retailers in the reader’s local currency. Currently Squirrel offers US and UK pricing. Australia, Canada, and India are coming soon.

Easy to install code

We know you don't want complex complicated embed codes. Squirrel has been designed to be as easy and simple as possible to embed on the page so your editorial staff can do it as they work with minimal support from the affiliate team.

The right Squirrel for you

There are three easy ways to get the Squirrel widget on to your site: Manual single-tag inclusion, Manual multi-tag inclusion, and Automated make & model. The automated make & model script allows you to put one piece of code on your site template and populate 1,000s of Squirrel widgets in one go

Understandable reporting

Get to understand how the Squirrel widgets are performing with easy to understand stats and reporting at the press of a button. See stats like what widgets are the most popular, who's clicking on what links, and who are your most popular merchants.

Powered by the Cloud

Each Squirrel widget comes as a small piece of static code that can be embedded on the page just as quickly and easily as a Tweet or a YouTube video. Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the backbone of the service, the widgets make no live calls to a database. That allows it to keep working no matter how busy the pages on your site get. As long as AWS is running, Squirrel is running too.

Keep 100% of your affiliate revenue

At Squirrel we understand you've worked hard at building fantastic relationships with your affiliate partners. We don't want to get in the way of that. That's why 100% of the revenue you earn from affiliates via Squirrel is yours to keep. Furthermore, we can't see what your readers are buying, or the affiliate money you earn by using Squirrel on your pages. Our promise is that the relationship you have with your affiliate partners is 100% yours to control and manage.

Retailers and affiliate networks

We work with all major affiliate networks and retailers in the UK and the US including:

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Sites already using Squirrel

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What clients are saying

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Putting Squirrel on Pocket-lint has made the job of adding and checking prices for retrailers for the editorial team so much easier. We really like the automated make and model script that allows us to quickly add products to our reviews with very little effort.

Chris Hall Editor, Pocket-lint.com
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